10 Presents You Can Bring to a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Baby showers are always an exciting event for any parent as they anticipate welcoming a new member to the family. When parents hold a gender-neutral baby shower, it can be for several reasons. They may not want to reveal or find out the sex of a baby or be progressive in valuing the baby developing their own gender identity without stereotypes or norms.

You may feel stumped and unsure about what kind of gift you can bring to the party. Plenty of stores still market and sell gender-coded items. Upon contemplation, there are tons of gender-neutral gift ideas you can buy and wrap up. Here are 10 of our best suggestions: 

1. Cash

Neither a traditional pink or blue, cash can help new parents take care of their kids or start a savings account for their new child. If you don’t feel comfortable giving out plain bills, there’s plenty of gift cards on the market that you can get as an alternative. 

2. Diapers

Diapers can be costly, so giving a pack of them as a gift is practical. If you know the couple to be eco-friendly beforehand, they will appreciate cloth diapers or a diaper service subscription. Remember to go a bit bigger in size, as it’ll be more manageable than something too small.

3. Teethers

Pacifiers can seem a tad gendered, so a nice simple teether may be better to offer. They have a lot of neutral designs and come in way more colors. It’s also multi-use as the baby can view the teether as a little hand toy.

4. Nasal Aspirators

When the baby finally comes, it’s very common for them to catch a cold. Getting them a nasal aspirator will help remove mucus from the baby’s nose and help them breathe. Experts recommend nasal tube aspirators rather than their bulbous counterpart.

5. Security Blanket

High-quality and soft fabric can help a baby find comfort and experience less anxiety. Parents can also look to use the blanket as a swaddle or sleep sack. Cotton and cashmere are excellent materials for a security blanket.

6. Portable High Chair

It may not seem like the parents can use them when the baby is born, but they will find it handy when the baby gets older. Gifting a durable baby chair will also withstand a lot of time. You never know if there’s another member of the family coming.

7. Plushies

When it comes to kids, you can’t go wrong with getting a stuffed toy. It can be nostalgic for any person to remember having a plushie when they were still young. Tons of designs can be referenced to the parent’s interests or any particular animal, or you can pick one that’s just downright cute. 

8. Board books

Books and stories can cater to any gender. It can help an infant in developing comprehension and language skills early on. A board book is also more durable and less prone to tearing than a regular paper book.

9. Sound Machine

Infants can have a hard time sleeping, so using a sound machine for the first few months can help suit them at night until they’re prepared to sleep without any extra noise. Technology has advanced a lot in recent years; there are sound machine models you can coordinate with your phone.

10. Gift Package

You can curate a gift kit for the new family. You can add a few baby essentials, and you can also toss in a few items for the parents, such as wine and bath items. Having matching items like a bracelet can also be an excellent addition to the package.


At a gender-neutral baby shower, remember to give genuine thought to what gift you’ll be wrapping up. Remember that their newborn will grow up one day, so give something they can use during their early childhood.

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