Safety, Testing & Insurance

At OB, we take safety and compliance of our products very seriously. We take the utmost care in making sure all of our Toys are safe (and compliant) for all children. 

Not only do we take safety into account when we are designing and creating our products, all of our toys are tested by leading international laboratories under all relevant Australia, New Zealand and USA compliance laws. European laws vary slightly and products imported into the EU are labeled accordingly.

OB carries worldwide liability insurance and our toys are labeled accordingly with recommended ages, safety, and care instructions.

Safety & Care 

All items are to be removed from packaging by an adult prior to giving to a child. 

Please check products regularly and discard at the first sign of wear.

OB’s products are made to the highest standards, however, if used incorrectly and breakage occurs, they may become a choking hazard. 

Each toy comes with specific Safety & Care instructions, please read the packaging carefully before discarding.


Please contact us with any further questions regarding safety, care and insurance. Email: