How Can An Ob Plush Toy Benefit Your Hospital Or Children’s Charity?

Mental Health & Emotional Value:

  • Provide comfort and emotional support to vulnerable children and families when they need it most.

  • The familiar and huggable nature of plush toys can help reduce anxiety and provide a sense of normalcy for children in a hospital setting.

Educational & Therapeutic Value:

  • Plush toys can be used in hospital or therapeutic settings to teach children about medical procedures, their bodies, and how to express their feelings and fears.

  • They can be a helpful tool for healthcare professionals to divert children's attention from medical procedures, reducing fear and discomfort during treatments.

  • Plush toys can be used to build trust between children and hospital staff.

Companionship, Distraction & Entertainment:

  • Plush toys can serve as companions for children who may be separated from their families or feeling lonely in a hospital.

  • Plush toys can be a source of distraction and entertainment for children staying in hospitals. Children can engage in creative and imaginative play, which can help pass the time and make their stay a happier one.

Improved Atmosphere:

  • The presence of plush toys can help create a less intimidating and more child friendly atmosphere.

  • Soft plush toys promote relaxation and provide a soothing effect, potentially helping children to sleep better and reduce stress.

Fundraising & Support:

  • Plush toys can be used as fundraising and promotional items by children's charities.

  • Plush toys can be customized with messages, logos, or charity branding to create a sense of unity and support for your organization's mission.

Pictured above: A Custom Designed Rafiki Lion made for Rafiki Mwema Charity

At OB Designs we have always wanted our business to contribute to the world around us in a positive way. We were one of the first to create sustainable plush toys and we are proud of our reputation for being a business that cares about people and the environment.

As OB evolves, we find ourselves working closely with hospitals, children’s charities, foster care programs and other incredibly worthwhile organizations. This is rewarding work for us and we are becoming increasingly focussed on what we are calling ‘Purpose Driven Plush’. We first began working with the Sydney Children’s Hospital in 2016, designing and producing plush Koala toys for children and their families needing hospital care. Since then we have worked directly with hospitals, schools and charity organizations in several countries to provide highly customized products that bring joy, hope and happiness to children and families at a time when they need it the most.


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