Hi there!

We are Kate and Luke, the founders of OB, a family-owned business that creates children’s toys and accessories, designed to delight. We started our business in 2008 in Byron Bay, a coastal town in Australia where the blue Pacific meets golden beaches. But while Byron’s natural treasures and artistic creativity could be found everywhere, we struggled to find toys and accessories that matched the region’s charm and beauty, especially ones made with sustainable materials.

So, we made our own, drawing inspiration from our three children and the world around us. Thanks to hard work and the invaluable insights of our customers, we’ve come a long wayeven crossing the Pacific to the United States.

We are proud to share that our designs have evolved into an internationally recognized brand carried by more than 1,000 independent retailers in over 14 countries. Whether plush animals and toys, wooden playthings, or silicone essentials, our products are known for their modern aesthetic, premium quality, and sustainable materials.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us on this amazing journey. We feel truly lucky to be building a brand together, as a family. Without your support, we would never have been able to fulfill our dream: to bring wonder and delight to children and their families through high-quality, environmentally friendly accessories and toys.


Kate & Luke

Our Name

Like our business and product lines, our company name has evolved over time. In the early chapters of our story, O.B. stood for "OddBod," an Australian term meaning unique and quirky. The name fit because back then, building a business based on affordable, sustainable, and beautifully crafted toys was decidedly quirky.

In 2023, this concept is less farfetched. So, we decided to put a new spin on our name. Today, OB stands for the Outback—a tie to our brand’s Australian beginnings. It is also an acronym for “oh baby!,” a nod to our littlest customers. And it stands for "oh boy!" — words we hope you exclaim after unwrapping one of our premium toys. We even renamed Kelly (our beloved Koala mascot) Kobi, so our company name is part of his. With his distinct ears and huggable body, it’s no surprise that he’s a bestseller in both the USA and Australia.

We look forward to seeing what new meanings OB takes on for our family, and for yours, as our brand continues to grow. We can’t wait to hear from you!