Kids and Stuffed Animals: Benefits of Having Soft Plush Toys

There are a million changes that take place with children at a young age — from learning how to walk to finally starting school — all these major changes will shape how your children will develop. 

When your kids start school, they'll be forced to encounter new people who are much different from them on top of being in a sudden unfamiliar environment. These changes can encourage them to navigate through social interactions independently when they get the proper support they need, but letting them handle it alone can make it a emotionally tiring experience for your tiny humans.

Since children also experience anxiety regularly and millions of children are diagnosed with mental health disorders, it's our responsibility to ensure that they feel safe, seen, and heard. Despite being at an “immature” age, it’s crucial to take their needs seriously to avoid any underlying health issues from escalating well into their adulthood. 

What’s a Simple Way to Comfort Anxious Children?

An effective way for children to find peace and comfort is by carrying a stuffed animal, like a bunny stuffed animal, wherever they go. This soft plush toy serves as a "safety blanket" for most kids, allowing them to feel comfortable when they're feeling restless and uneasy. 

If you're curious about how stuffed animals can benefit your child, read on. Here are ways soft plush toys help manage your kid's behaviors:

Helps Treat Anxiety

Children with severe cases of mental disorders would often receive treatment through medication. Although this is already effective, sometimes a simple plush animal can make a huge difference since it promotes comfort and peace. 

When your school-aged kid holds onto a plush toy during stressful situations, you can guarantee that it helps them find comfort. Holding on to a soft and fluffy "friend" triggers signals to their brain, helping them feel safe. 

Eases Their Stress

When you notice that your child is under stress, they may become fidgety and restless. But when you give them their trusty bunny stuffed animal, they'll instantly calm down and re-center. 

If you want to help your kid calm down, adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to their favorite stuffed toy. Lavender is an effective aromatherapy that helps reduce anxiety and stress since its properties encourage calmness and peace. 

Helps Older Kids, Too

Many people think that stuffed toys are only meant for children, but think again. A study found that 40 percent of adults still sleep with a plush toy — or at least, still keep their childhood stuffed animals in a safe place. Why is that?

The reason older kids still choose to keep their beloved plush toys at arm's length is that the vital role their stuffed animals played in their childhood is still valued even when they're older. 

Even when they're older, their stuffed animals remind them of the multiple life skills they learned throughout the years, such as social development, literacy, coping skills, and emotional development. 

The Bottom Line: Soft Plush Toys Can Help Shape Your Kids into Better Adults

Numerous scientific studies have shown that stuffed animals have a key role in the way humans develop and grow. A soft plush toy provides a sense of comfort and safety — things we'll always need even when we reach adulthood. 

So give your child a new friend to hold on to for comfort — may it be a bunny stuffed animal or cuddly koala. Whatever it is, they'll be happy to have a friend with them wherever they go. 

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