Crochet that lasts a lifetime

Eco-friendly, hand-crafted, and breathable crochet can be hard to find but O.B. Designs has perfected timeless blankets, booties and nursery decor. Not only to last a lifetime but provide ultimate comfort for your baby.

O.B. Designs heirloom quality, crochet blankets are handmade from a beautifully soft blend of materials and come in a range of refined, natural colours designed to match all palettes and nurseries.

For many to-be parents, finding a versatile blanket for all seasons can be difficult. Crochet provides warmth and comfort without compromising quality or that soft touch.

Why buy Crochet?

Babies are very sensitive to different textures and smells, making crochet a popular choice of textile as it’s soft yet durable. Woollen items can irritate the skin and make bub (and you) quite uncomfortable and itchy. O.B. Designs’ crochet baby blankets are made from 60% cotton, 30% milk fibre, 10% cashmere, providing a luxe feel and touch that look adorable.

Our crochet blankets are versatile items and can be used as a blanket in your pram, car, or cot (when supervised), as well as at the beach, on grass, and for all the adventures you will go on with your bub.

How is crochet eco-friendly?

Crochet is a hand-made, sustainable form of fashion, not only for those who create it but for those who buy crochet products. Knitting and crochet already help the earth because they fight fast fashion but in times of a pandemic the art of crochet has provided more than just an eco-friendly product, it provides an outlet for those creators stuck at home.

Those who wear, buy or support crochet are helping the plant, something O.B. Designs is highly passionate about.

Finding the Safest Blanket for Your Baby

If you are on the lookout for a blanket that will keep your baby warm and safe throughout the night, here are some tips that could help.

Tip 1: Find a blanket with the right yarn look for yarns specifically made to compliment the baby's skin. Before you purchase blankets from stores, ask what type of yarn they used for their product and if it is baby skin-friendly. If you plan to make one on your own, make sure to choose the right material for your project.

The top fibre choices for babies are cotton, bamboo, acrylic, and merino.

Tip 2: Do not buy blankets with open knit patterns, an open-knit pattern is just like how you’d imagine it to be. They are loosely knitted patterns that can easily catch your baby's finger in between the holes. While they are comfortable and cozy, there are some safer options available.

Tip 3: Make sure that there are weaves in the ends like the concept in tip number two, you want your blanket to be safe for your baby, so choose only materials that have weaved ends. These secured corners ensure that the yarns stay in place. They also assure that the blanket stays intact when you wash them.

O.B. Designs has a full range of baby safe crochet items including gorgeous baby blankets, bootie and bonnet newborn sets, and crochet bunting to add a vintage touch to any nursery. All items are handmade with love, independently tested and are designed in Byron Bay, Australia.