Why You Should Choose Ethically-Made Toys for Your Child or Infant

Besides food, parents are more aware today of the effects of children's toys on their offspring. It is not enough to buy a baby gym or a playmat and let children have a go at it. Today, parents are more discerning about the materials used in making these items. It makes sense since small children explore the world by putting things in their mouths. Parents today are more likely to choose eco-friendly and ethically-crafted toys for their children.

These toys are typically handmade and from 100 percent natural materials, free of harmful elements like phthalates and cadmium. Phthalates supposedly cause organ damage and congenital disabilities, while cadmium is a known carcinogen that hinders brain growth. Using organic toys will lower a child's risk of exposure to these materials.

Why Many Toys Have Harmful Ingredients

It often costs less to make wholesale toys with lead and other harmful chemicals, making it easier for manufacturers to profit from them. Also, chemicals like these make materials sturdier, more flexible, and heat-resistant. Although these increase the toys' longevity, the health tradeoffs are not worth it. Finally, many manufacturers source toys from abroad, where regulations might not be as stringent as the ones in the U.S.

Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Toys

Eco-friendly, ethically-made toys reduce a baby's exposure to harmful chemicals. Aside from this, here are more reasons why you should choose these toys.

Eco-Friendly Toys Are High-Quality

Toys like these use fabrics, wood, or plastic that are sure to last for many years. The emphasis in wholesale, ethically-made toy production is on quality, not quantity, so you are sure you're getting a toy made with care. If you have a younger child, this is especially important—a wooden teether, for instance, should be non-toxic, BPA- and chemical-free.

Eco-Friendly Toys Are Ethically Produced

A toy is more than an object for entertainment. It helps children learn about their world, and telling your child about where his or her toy comes from is an excellent way of introducing larger concepts to them. Older children might appreciate a lesson on where their toys come from or how these are made.

Eco-Friendly Toys Have Simple Designs

Non-toxic, organic toys have simple designs. They encourage children to develop their creativity, which makes them better problem solvers in the future. Aside from encouraging creativity, the simplicity of these toys also makes them more durable since there aren't many bells and whistles or moving parts that could come off.

What To Look For In Eco-Friendly Toys

Do not feel pressured to check every single box when shopping for organic toys. You can start by avoiding harsh chemicals and hazardous materials. Look for toys made of organic cotton and non-toxic unfinished wood. If the toy is decorated, find out if the finish is made of non-toxic paint, dye, or sealant. Fair Trade-certified wholesale toys are also good. A toy with this seal indicates that the manufacturer actively ensures ethical, living wages for workers.


Parents these days are more mindful of how they raise their families. From the food on the table to the parenting style, many of today's mothers and fathers are rethinking what 'good parenting' means. 

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