What makes a quality wholesale baby’s toy?

Creating quality wholesale toys that are designed in Australia is a difficult task. And that’s to say nothing about also making them safe, functional and, importantly, whimsical and inspiring all at once.

wholesale toys Australia Ethical quality

Making a baby’s toy that is both high quality and safe will often come down to the types of materials used in its manufacture. Ideally, you will want your baby’s toys to be free from harmful chemicals like flame retardants and BPAs that can be found in plastic toys and stuffed animals. Your baby can be exposed to these, especially when they are putting the toys in their mouths, like during teething.

We at O.B. Designs believe that ethical wholesale plush toys in Australia should be made with the utmost care to select the highest quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for your baby while producing a beautiful product that families will treasure. As a retailer, you should be looking for wholesale toys suppliers that produce these kinds of toys.

We make certain that our products meet the needs of clients by trying to engineer a product in reverse from the needs of our (or your) customer. That is to say that we begin with a customer with particular needs in our mind and work back from there to try to find a solution to them. 

We have experience in identifying what many parents and kids need. O.B. Designs is run by a mother of three alongside her schoolteacher husband. This has naturally provided them plenty of experience with kids of many ages. Their experience allows them intimate knowledge in the needs of parents and children. 

They use this knowledge and experience to create their quality Australian ethical wholesale toys that produce the greatest benefit from playtime!

The importance of play and toys - why you should buy wholesale toys in Australia


In addition to caring deeply about the safety and impact of our products, OB Designs takes care to select fabrics and create designs that will produce the most growth from baby/toddlers playtime. Playtime has been shown in studies to be beneficial in forming attachments and building imagination, self-esteem and the foundations of social skills.

Playtime is so important for the development of baby and toddler that it has been recognised by the UN as article 31 on the rights of every child!

Plush wholesale toys have also been indicated to have benefits as transitional items in the growth of children from baby to toddler and eventually moving into school. Ethically made wholesale plush toys help with managing anxiety. Plush toys keep a child feeling safe and secure by providing an unchanging part of their life while they grow, change and learn.

What kinds of materials do we use in O.B. Designs baby toys?

wholesale plush soft toys Australia Ethical quality

In line with our commitment to creating safe and ethical wholesale toys that are designed in Australia we have selected materials that suit. We use a wide variety of fabrics in making our quality wholesale toys. But don’t worry, we use Polyester for the toys and a blend of 60% cotton, 10% cashmere and 30% azlon in the blankets and bonnets. 

It’s our priority that the fabrics we use are also wonderfully soft and tactilely stimulating for babies and toddlers.

We want our Australian wholesale toys to be as soft and cuddle-able as possible and the design as inspiring as we can manage so we can maximise the bonding and growth baby gets from playtime.

OB Designs holds to this in the production of its beautiful, ethical wholesale crochet blankets (perfect for wrapping up bub in the winter!). Our blankets are made from a mixture of cotton, milk fibre and cashmere. This special choice of fibres is super-soft for baby to enjoy and made to last.

Go and take a look through our ethical wholesale toys in Australia and you’ll see the quality of the materials and wonder at our whimsical, delightful wholesale toys’ designs. 

If you’re interested in us as a quality, ethical wholesale toys supplier, you can find out more on our stock us page

Standard, brick and mortar retailers get 50% off of RRP! 

What does it mean for a wholesale toy to be ethical?!

Yeah, that’s a pretty common question for us. Ethically made wholesale baby toys means that we take the utmost care to make as minimal impact on the environment in the manufacture of our toys as possible. We also try to make certain that the supply production workers are treated fairly and equitably. 

We make sure the supplies for our toys are sourced sustainably so that our overall environmental footprint is smaller. 

We use some natural fibres (Polyester for the toys and a blend of 60% cotton, 10% cashmere and 30% azlon in the blankets and bonnets) and wood instead of plastics to lower our plastic pollution amounts. (It also lowers the amount of chemicals that baby is exposed to!)

Making Australian ethical wholesale toys is a lifestyle for us; we put in the thought as to how our products are made, so you don’t have to.

How can a crochet blanket be ethical?

Well, an ethically made wholesale blanket is going to be ethical in the same way that I explained we believe our toys to be. We take care to source the best quality materials that have the least environmental impact and don’t take advantage of underprivileged workers

We also strive for our own production to have a small environmental impact and always do our best to ensure the fair treatment of our own workers.

All of our wholesale crochet blankets are made with high quality, natural fibres that are free from harmful chemicals and will hold their softness over time. You can be certain that bub will be comfortable and happy wrapped in one of our ethically made wholesale crochet blankets.

Looking for more than baby toys and blankets? 

You’ve found it again with us! O.B. Designs stocks a range of ethical baby décor and accessories too!

We have a stunning range of nursery decor and wall buntings for you to browse. They are perfect for brightening up the room of baby, toddler or any child! 

In addition to our range of wonderful and wild toys we also produce a range of silicone toys and baby accessories like wooden teethers! As with our toys, these are made with high quality materials and are free from harmful chemicals to protect baby as they grow!

O.B. Designs Wholesale Toys Australia | Are our materials of baby toys and supply chains ethical?

Yes! That’s why we call ourselves wholesale ethical toy suppliers to Australia (and the world)!

We investigate our supply chains, their production lines and our own production facilities to ensure we are producing ethically made wholesale toys.

We try to take care to make sure our products are designed, supplied and manufactured with the  same love as if it were for our own child. That way, you can be certain that you are receiving only the best quality product.

Why are our Australian wholesale toys better than the average toy?

You can see the difference between your standard plush toy, frequently made with synthetic fibres and fillings, and our wonderfully designed wholesale plush toys (Just take a look at one of my favourites, Byron Bunny). The difference is plain, with only a quick look you can almost sense the tactile softness of the material.

The designs themselves go beyond being beautiful, they help to inspire little ones with imagination, soothe their anxieties, brighten playtime, aid their social and cognitive growth and simply just be there to cuddle.

Our use of natural fibres and wood over the standard synthetic fibres and plastic means less harm to babies over the life of our products. The natural supplies we use don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals contained in plastics that can be ingested as babies suck and teethe in the early parts of their life. These chemicals can include BPAs and flame retardants that can be quite harmful to baby. This is because babies are still growing and developing, making them extra vulnerable.

Where other toys fall apart and can rapidly age due to inferior materials and craftsmanship, we boast to use only the best quality natural and polyester materials in the production of our ethically made wholesale toys. This means that our products are built to last. With a lasting product, baby has the chance to develop a real connection and get the most benefit from the toy!

The benefits of selling our beautiful & ethical baby toys

You mean aside from being able to work every day alongside, selling our whimsical, wonderful, beautiful and truly lovely ethically made wholesale baby toys?

There are a few extra silver linings as follows:

  • All brick and mortar retailers (physical locations) qualify for a discount of 50% off RRP!
  • We can provide you with top quality marketing images of any products you order to help you promote through your social media channels!
  • All orders are sent the day after receiving.
  • Above all we strive for a positive relationship with our retail partners and hope to work alongside you and your business long into the future.

How you can be a part of our family (sell our toys)?

O.B. Designs works with a wide range of ethical businesses Australia-wide (and also internationally!).

Remember, there is an automatic discount of 50% to all brick and mortar stockists, and any online stores can inquire in the same way to see what kind of discount they are eligible for!

We have worked with many of our current retail partners for many years and hope to foster the same kind of long-term relationship with your business.