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Softies Mega Value Pack


Sometimes you need some guidance about which Best Sellers to spend your money on and that's why we've put together these Value Packs. We want you to feel confident with the OB Designs range and discover for yourself which colours and styles work for your store and are best suited to your customer. 

The Softies range is extensive but this Softies Mega Value Pack gives you incredible value to test this range in you business; 

1. Affordable soft toy gifting compared to competitors in the market 

2. Ethically Made (always!)

3. Age 0+

4. Super-plush fabric that washes + wears well 

5. Eco internal beads and stuffing

6. We've included gender specific and gender neutral colour ways so you can appeal to all types of buyers. 

This Softies MEGA Value Pack Includes 65 total units including the below saving you $182 in bonus Retail value! 

4 x Soft Toys (4 units of each style) 

4 x Comforter Toys (4 units of each style)

4 x Little Collection (4 units of each style)

4 x Soft Rattles (4 units of each style) 

1 x FREE Retail Display Unit (great for counter up selling for the Soft Rattles + Littles Collection) and 1 x Big Bunny for Free! 

Visual Merchandising Tip: Do a display at your counter or a shelf near your counter with the Soft Rattles & Littles Collection in it for an easy up sell. Hang Sell the Comforter Toys + Soft Toys OR have them sitting in baskets on mass so that customers can feel them near other baby related product. The free Big Bunny can be used to really draw people into your store too, so make it's within site of the front of shop! 

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