3 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are the Best Teethers for Babies

Teething is one of the most important milestones in any newborn’s development. However, although teething is indeed an exciting moment, it can also be quite dreadful, as babies can lose sleep, cry in pain, and develop rashes from drooling.

No parent wants to see their little one cry or suffer, but there’s nothing you can do—teething is an inevitable stage in development, and whether you look forward to it or not, your baby will grow their teeth eventually.

If your baby is already crawling on their arms or feet, then a tooth may sprout anytime soon! It’s normal to feel a bit of worry over your baby’s teething stage, but it doesn’t have to be dreadful for you and your child. Teething toys—wooden teethers, in particular—can alleviate some of the pain your baby might feel and provide a safe and clean chewing surface.

Here are some of the reasons why wooden teethers are the best toys you can give your baby during their teething stage:

1. They Are Free From Toxins and Chemicals

With 25% of children’s toys having been found to contain harmful chemicals, it’s become even more critical to carefully think about the kind of toys you’re letting your little one play with and put in their mouth. 

Fortunately, with wooden teethers, you won’t have to worry about chemical additives that can adversely affect your child’s health. Unlike plastic toys that may contain plasticizers, flame retardants, or surface-active substances, wooden teething toys are safe to play with and put in your little one’s mouth.

2. They Are a Sustainable Alternative

Plastic toys are definitely durable and can last throughout your little one’s entire childhood, but what happens once they get tired of them and no longer want to play with them? Whether you donate old plastic toys or not, they’ll eventually reach the same destination: landfills and the ocean.

On top of possibly containing harmful chemicals, plastic toys can harm the environment because they aren’t biodegradable. As a result, your child’s seemingly harmless and cute toys turn out to be a significant contributor to global warming and climate change!

If you want to help your baby develop their teeth but don’t want to harm the environment in the process, make the switch to eco-friendly teething toys. 

Our wooden teethers at OB Designs USA are not only safe for your baby, but they are also good for the environment since they’re made from sustainable beechwood timber, which can be grown in renewable and managed forests. 

3. They Provide a Sensory Experience

Sensory play is crucial to building nerve connections in a baby’s pathways, improving their ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Plastic toys are great for playing, but they’re only limited to that one specific use. Since plastic toys are cold, they don’t do much to help your baby experience the toys with all of their senses.

Wooden teethers aren’t just for helping your child with their teething—their warm, tactile, and smooth textures also appeal to your baby’s sense of touch, ultimately supporting their cognitive growth and development in other areas.


With the rising movement toward green living and the potentially harmful effects of plastic toys, it seems like now is the perfect time to switch to eco-friendly baby toys and supplies. If you want to provide a pain-free and enjoyable experience for your little one while they’re teething, make sure to give them a wooden teether that’s safe and made with toxin-free materials.

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