What Makes Wooden Teethers Good for the Teeth of Your Baby?

The neednot want, but full-on needto bite is one of the first things that babies tend to do the moment they start to grow from infancy. At that stage, they're only able to get relief from a teether. It's usually brought on by teeth that are starting to grow, which makes things very uncomfortable for them. This happens even before milestones like standing properly are achieved, which means teething has to be addressed right away. 

What Are Teethers?

There are many teethers available in the market, such as eco-friendly teething toys. Sometimes, they are referred to as teething rings. They relieve the babies of the feelings that come with sore gums. When a tooth begins to break through gums, things get itchy and even painful. Teethers are a great way for babies to be alleviated of those feelings.

It should be noted that aside from babies, even toddlers can make use of teethers as well. 

The Wooden Teether

Teether bases vary widely; parents can choose from those made with BPA-free plastic, silicone, and wood, just to name a few. Toddlers generally prefer to chew on wooden teethers above all of the others. 

There are several benefits that come with picking wood, starting from the eco-friendly and ethical traits that come with it. Read on to learn about more benefits from wooden teethers:

  • Antibacterial Properties - This may seem like a surprising benefit, but it's absolutely valid. There are antimicrobial properties in wood, which makes it antibacterial by default. It's an additional assurance for parents, especially first-time ones, who are likely worried about germs in their baby's surroundings. This is especially beneficial since wooden teethers are almost always in a baby's mouth.
  • Durability - Contrary to popular belief, plastic is nowhere near as durable as wood is. This means that getting a wooden teether will be a better investment than buying plastic ones. While plastic may be more affordable, buying new ones as they break or get damaged over time will certainly add up in the long run.
  • Nontoxic (No Chemicals) - As previously mentioned, the very material of wooden teethers brings benefits. This is because they're nontoxic with no harmful chemicals, BPA, leads, phthalates, and metals. It's incredibly safe.
  • Sustainability - For the most part, wooden teethers and/or teething rings are made with sustainable wood. Beechwood is usually used, which is able to grow in managed forests and renewable forests as well. So when trees are cut down in order to be used towards items such as wooden teethers, more wood can be grown as a replacement.


Teething happens pretty early on in a baby's life, and as a result, they have an intense need to bite on whatever they can. This is where teethers come in, as they help to relieve pain that comes with a tooth that's starting to grow. Out of all the base materials available out there, wood is the best choice because it has several benefits, including durability, antibacterial properties, and being non-toxic.

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