7 Reasons Little Kids Adore Cute Stuffed Animals

From the time they were first made, stuffed animals have been a part of everyone’s childhood. Most kids consider their bear or bunny stuffed animal their first best friend. It’s not surprising because animal plushies are some of the cutest and most comforting toys ever made! Today, you can find a stuffed version of almost any animal you can imagine, from the usual cats and dogs to more unusual ones like hedgehogs, armadillos, and llamas.  

But with all the newer and fancier types of toys coming out in the market, it’s a wonder that kids still love stuffed animals. In particular, here are seven reasons still kids adore animal plushies:

1. Stuffed animals make kids want to take care of them.

Bunny stuffed animals give tiny children the chance to be the “adult” who nurtures them. They make kids want to play pretend and “feed” them or put them to bed. 

Children naturally want to play “mom” or “dad” to their plushies because it gives them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. As many child development experts would agree, animal plushies are some of the best toys for imaginative play, which also contributes to a child’s social and mental development. 

2. They have that perpetual smile that can lift a child’s spirits.

When kids feel sick or sad, they tend to turn to their beloved bear or lion plush because it always has a smile ready to cheer them up. No matter the situation, a stuffed animal’s bright smile can make a child feel better!

3. They’re easy to take on trips.

Building blocks, remote-controlled robots and cars, and most other toys are a hassle for kids to bring on trips, especially with their tiny hands and still developing grip. In contrast, stuffed animals are easy to tote around and even take on road trips. They’re soft and cuddly, so they can even double as pillows during long drives. They won’t be able to do that with their model cars and kitchen sets.

4. They offer security.

Most kids who sleep in their bedroom cannot sleep without their favorite stuffed animal beside them. It’s because, in place of their parents, their plushies give them that sense of security that they need, especially when it’s dark. 

5. They’re low-maintenance.

Children don’t need to worry about missing parts, low batteries, and more with stuffed animals. They also don’t easily break and can handle all the fun adventures little kids can take them on. Similarly, they don’t require much effort to pack away as they often “sleep” on the bed with the little ones. When they get dirty, mom or dad can easily toss them in the washing machine, and they’re good as new again!

6. They give the warmest hugs.

Kids cannot get the same warm hugs from even the most awesome robot or the most glamorous doll. Whenever little ones need a hug, they get it from their beloved stuffed animal, and they feel safe and happy again. 

7. They provide stable emotional support.

These adorable animals help them get through the emotional roller-coaster that is childhood because they’re dependable. A child may feel uncomfortable opening up to an adult, but they can talk to their favorite stuffed animal about anything. Plushies encourage the practice of verbal expression effectively, too!


The reasons we've shared are just a few of the many explanations of why stuffed animals have stood the test of time and remained the favorite toy of most children. For many, they are more than just toys; they’re trusted buddies and beloved siblings. So, if you’re still thinking twice about getting your child, nephew, niece, or grandchild a stuffed animal, don't do so! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more precious gift. 

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