How to Find the Safe Crochet Blanket for Your Infant

Every mother only wants the best for their children, and that means ensuring that everything that their infant uses is safe at all times. If you are here, you probably heard of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or the unfortunate situation when parents lull their babies to sleep at night only to find out that they never wake up the next day. Many researchers believe that SIDS happens because of low oxygen levels, high carbon dioxide in their blood, and rebreathing their exhaled carbon dioxide, especially when sleeping face down. 

Is Blanket Harmful for Your Baby?

This report from CBS News even reminded parents not to put too many soft things, such as blankets and pillows surrounding the baby, as they can cause suffocation. Eventually, you will need to introduce your baby to these items. Most people, however, recommend only introducing these things to your baby when they are old enough to roll over or move the blanket independently to avoid any accident.

Besides that, you should consider the material that makes up your baby blanket. 

Finding the Safest Blanket for Your Baby

If you are on the lookout for a blanket that will keep your baby warm and safe throughout the night, here are some tips that could help.

Tip 1: Find a Blanket With the Right Yarn 

There are plenty of yarns used to create blankets, but some of these can affect your baby's skin. A baby's skin is way more sensitive than an adult's, so be careful when buying any clothing or accessories that will touch them. Look for yarns specifically made to compliment the baby's skin. Before you purchase blankets from stores, ask what type of yarn they used for their product and if it is baby skin-friendly. If you plan to make one on your own, make sure to choose the right material for your project. 

The top fiber choices for babies are cotton, bamboo, acrylic, and merino. Ensure that they are soft and sturdy enough not to fluff and get into the baby’s mouth and hands. 

Tip 2: Do Not Buy Blankets With Open Knit Patterns

An open-knit pattern is just like how you’d imagine it to be. They are loosely knitted patterns that can easily catch your baby's finger in between the holes. While they are comfortable and cozy, they are not safe for your baby. Your baby cannot tell you when their limbs or feet get entrapped in these open patterns when they sleep at night. Stick to the much safer styles and designs.

Tip 3: Make Sure That There Are Weaves in the Ends

Like the concept in tip number two, you want your blanket to be safe for your baby, so choose only materials that have weaved ends. These secured corners ensure that the yarns stay in place. They also assure that the blanket stays intact when you slip them in the washer. 


Consider all the possibilities when buying an item for your baby. Make sure that they are safe and will not put your baby at risk. Stay informed, do your research, and ask the opinion of your pediatrician or other experienced mothers if you need one. Ultimately, it is you who will decide what is best for your child, so do not forget to listen to your parental instincts. 

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