The 3 Main Benefits of Sustainable Pacifiers and Teethers

It can be hard to quell a baby’s mood when they’re going through a tantrum and cry after cry. Luckily, it’s been proven that any sucking sensation helps soothe a baby when they’re crying as all of their focus goes towards that object. 

When babies can start using a pacifier is subjective, but experts recommend parents to wait a while before introducing any teething toys to a newborn. When that baby reaches 4-5 years old, they can start removing the use of any pacifiers or teethers just to protect their incoming permanent teeth.

Some families are wary of any pacifier or teether, though, due to the choking hazard and health problems that those products can cause. Manufacturers have since moved from the colored rubber and designs that make up these regular teething toys to present more sustainable alternatives that aren’t harmful to babies. 

Here are a few benefits of using sustainable pacifiers and teethers.

1. They’re Made of Eco-Friendly Material

There’s a shift in the materials used for pacifiers and teethers nowadays. Although there are still some plastic products on the market, you can find things that are much more friendly to the environment and the young user.

When you search for eco-friendly teethers, you get products that were created with wood,  silicone, and other food-grade materials. After all, a child will be chewing and sucking on these products for a good while. It’s ideal to have something durable enough for baby teeth but easy on their little gums and mouth. 

2. They’re Used as a Calming Tool

Although you’re getting a pacifier or teether with different materials, it’s still as effective as ever in calming or soothing your little one. Just remember to choose the appropriate size for your baby’s pacifier or teethers, depending on the size of their mouth and their age. 

A great teething toy design will also help entertain a child and learn how to grip things early on. The right teether can help soothe a baby from just crying non-stop, and it may even help them sleep a lot easier during their naps and the night.  

3. They Give Parents Peace of Mind

Hearing a baby cry can be one of the most challenging things to deal with, especially when it comes to making them stop. Some parents lose sleep over cradling the baby hour after hour in hopes of getting them to let up, and some might reach the point of getting really worked up over it. A sustainable pacifier and teether can prevent that disturbance from happening.

You can also rest easy knowing that what the baby is putting in their mouth is safe. Toxic materials can endanger the child, but getting a pacifier and teether that’s ethical and nontoxic lessens the potential worry, especially as you get the same calming results. Not only will you be in the clear from panicking, but you can also have some peace and quiet at night.


To sum it up, sustainable pacifiers and teethers are beneficial as they’re safer alternatives while being as effective as ever. Babies and parents alike can take advantage of what these can offer for early childhood development.

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