A Quick Guide to Choosing Teething Toys for Your Baby

As a parent, taking care of your baby entails a huge responsibility. Once they reach a stage in their life where they begin to crawl, it’s also time for them to become more curious about their environment. 

Moreover, they could start teething, the moment where their baby teeth appear slowly one by one, encouraging them to chew on everything they get their hands on. Teething is an essential part of your child’s development, so to make the transition easier for them, you may want to get them teething toys to ease the discomfort and pain. 

Your baby’s teeth will begin growing around four to six months. Their two bottom front teeth will show before their upper front teeth. By the time that they’re three years old, you can expect your child to have a complete set of baby teeth. 

If you want to know what teething toys to give your baby to make their experience more pleasant, keep reading below.

Kinds of Baby Teething Toys

When your baby begins teething, you can expect them to feel discomfort or even pain, so they will tend to cry a lot. Giving them a wooden teether can help reduce the effects of teething because they’re safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. 

Allowing your child to chew on a toy can prevent them from focusing on the pain of growing teeth. Some common teething toys include: 

Teething Rings

A teething ring is the most well-known kind of teething toy that plenty of parents opt to get for their babies. They come in a subtle texture and different designs and help ease your child’s delicate gums since they’re tender due to the teeth growing to the surface. 

Teething Toys

You can find many teething toys available in the market that come in various designs, sizes, and materials. When purchasing one for your baby, make sure to lean on toys that are proven to be sustainable and ethical and can guarantee your baby’s safety when helping them relieve their pain. 

Teething Jewelry

Compared to teething toys, teething jewelry is quite new and has only become every parents’ favorite recently once they realized the benefits it brings. They include necklaces and bracelets that are perfectly safe for teething, ultimately changing the game for a growing baby.

Staged Teethers 

Parents usually give staged teethers to their babies to provide them the proper teethers throughout their teething period. The item comes in a pack of three to four teethers that come in various forms to target your child’s specific needs as they grow. 

If you want to save money, it might be best to opt for wholesale baby toys that include teethers instead. That way, you’re always prepared when your child is ready for the next stage of their teething journey.

Novelty Teethers

Novelty teethers are regular teething toys, but the difference is they comprise different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can select teethers that look like food and other unique items your baby could end up loving better than standard teething items to enhance their experience while their baby teeth grow. 


When picking out your child’s teething toys, you have to ensure that the manufacturing company certifies they’re of good quality, are eco-friendly, BPA-free, and suitable for your baby. Since the purpose of teethers is for infants to put them in their mouths and chew on them to help relieve pain, the toys must be completely safe and are made from suitable materials. You should also remember to clean the teething toys to keep your baby safe at all times! 

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