The Best Ways to Go About Properly Washing Soft Toys

One of the most adorable parts of the early days of many children is the way they suddenly get attached to a particular toy. Typically, it's a koala stuffed animal or similar. Many people tend to opt for buying animal soft plush toys even before a baby is out of their mother's womb. This is largely due to them making for great gender-neutral gifts. 

Why are plush toys so important?

The more a kid is attached to their plush toy, the more likely they are to go basically everywhere with them. This means that there's a tendency for the toys to get dirty pretty fast. Factors include something sticky like peanut butter from a snack or drool from being asleep at a sleepover. Whatever the case may be, teddies, soft toys and the like should be regularly clean. That way, aside from being in great shape, they will be free of any harmful germs that can infect your little one.

Understandably, many people have trouble figuring out the best way for soft toys to undergo cleaning without any damage. While this may seem almost trivial, when you consider the importance your kid places on this dolly, kitty, teddy, or what-have-you, it's actually an important mission. Cleaning teddy bears, washing stuffed animals such as dogs or dinosaurs, and giving dolls a quick refresher are all nothing to be afraid of as a whole. Read on for tips on cleaning soft toys in an efficient manner.

What are some of the best ways to go about properly washing soft toys?

Needless to say, the kind of toy being dealt with plays a role in exactly how you can go about cleaning. Aside from taking the material into consideration, the age and any features of the toy are also factors. More than anything, it's key to check the care label attached to the toy itself. Most of them already have advice when it comes to washing on it. That said, it's equally important to make sure to inspect the toy anyway if it can survive going through a washing machine. Feel it out in case there are stiffeners that can end up with machine damage, like plastic in order for a dinosaur's long neck to stay upright. 

When toys are particularly detailed or intricate, it's best to skip the washing machine altogether and opt to wash by hand. The last thing you'd want to have to deal with is explaining to your child why their beloved soft plush fox has suddenly lost its tail. That said, even hand washing requires a pre-check beforehand. Any damaged areas and/or stitches that are loose will benefit from being fixed up prior to washing. 

Make sure to also choose the right detergents when washing soft toys. It’s best to opt for something mild and natural, seeing as young children often put their plushies into their mouths. Mild detergents will also extend the lifespan of the toy while keeping it clean!


Stuffed toys are a great option for kids on several levels. Many plush toys go on to be favorites of children to the point that they go everywhere with them. This is a key factor as to why washing stuffed toys requires particular attention.

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