Best Tips for Parents Before the Baby Teething Stage

Most people grow up without never really knowing how their teeth grew out to form the smile that they have today. However, as parents, it can be quite the situation to prepare for as your baby comes closer to the teething stage.

The teething stage can be long for your baby, and some often find it difficult to go through. The pain of allowing teeth to grow out can make the young ones even more restless than before, with some being unable to eat, drink or sleep at all. It’s best to do whatever you can to prepare and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Here’s a short list of tips and tricks that may help:

Do Your Research

Generally, the teething stage occurs when your baby is four months old. By the 10th month, most babies have already formed their first two teeth. These continue to grow out until your baby is roughly 2-3 years old. 

It can be a case-to-case basis about where the baby teeth are positioned or if the pace of their teething happens quickly. Some infants are even born with teeth. Be sure to compare and check out different resources to address the specificity of your child’s teething.

Monitor Your Baby

Most babies can experience all sorts of pain in their gums and mouth before and during teething. Some respond differently, with certain babies developing drooling as a way to cope. Other infants often seem more irritable and hard to coax out of their grumpiness.

There are also babies who experience fevers. Medical professionals note that the fevers caused by teething are usually lower. If your baby’s temperature starts to go over 100 degrees and experiences other symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, have them checked for an infection.

Pick a Teether

Teething babies will need to find relief from the pain. Luckily, teethers are perfect tools for soothing a kid’s gums and giving them something to gnaw at as their pearly whites come in. Certain variations can be harmful to your baby’s development and health, though. Be sure to look at these three key factors to find the best teether for your baby:

  • Non-Toxic. Safety should always be the first priority of a parent. Ensure that everything the baby will come across are safe for children at their age, both in the material and substances that make up the teethers.
  • Eco-Friendly. Wooden teethers are the most eco-friendly ones on the market, and they hit the checkmark for being unharmful to your little ones. Choose sustainable products because they’re durable too.
  • Play-Worthy. Another important factor in getting a teether is the experience that your child gets. It’s best to find one that appeals to your baby’s sense of touch and sight, so look for something they’d have fun playing with.
  • Speak to a Doctor

    The final step you can take as you prepare for the baby teething stage is to talk to a medical professional. Ask them what you should take note of during the teething timeline. Plus, do not be afraid to contact them either if something goes unexpected during teething.


    Taking the time to prepare for your kid’s teething journey will ensure that they have less trouble by the end of it. Plus, you get to sleep easier at night knowing that you take up all the measures and buy your baby the teether they need.

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