How To Properly Name Your New Stuffed Animal

Getting a new stuffed toy can be a magical experience, especially since it serves as a companion for the years to come. Countless people all over the world recount personal experiences regarding their favorite stuffed animals, which they likely grew up with. While your little bundle of joy or children deserves to experience the same story, keep in mind that it’s never too late for you as well!

One of the best parts about investing in a stuffed animal is coming up with its name. It further makes the experience magical, especially since this makes things more personal. The name will be something you’ll remember for years to come, breathing in a life that makes it a special companion. 

Coming up with the perfect name, however, is easier said than done. You’ll want to arrive at the right one, so we’ve curated this quick and easy guide for you:

Step 1: Examine your toy carefully 

You may want to simply name your stuffed toy after a real person, or perhaps go by with something as common as “Pinky” or “Mr. Fluffy”. While these may indeed be wonderful names, it’s best to sit down and examine your toy carefully. Most plushies come in the form of animals, from which you can then draw inspiration.

A teddy bear can be named Ted, for instance, whereas a bunny toy can go by Bonnie. A duck can be named Donald, while a dog can be called Brownie. Whatever the case may be on your end, it’s best to stick to something easy and concise. If you’re on the hunt for more inspired names, however, proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Look for inspiration

If going for something clear and easy isn’t the right path for you, consider drawing inspiration from the thing you love and enjoy doing. A chicken plushie can be called Nugget, after your favorite food. If you adore the color Magenta, for instance, feel free to christen your stuffed companion with the name.

You also have all the liberty to choose a famous person’s name, as well as a landmark, monument, activity, or other names you connect with. Some people even choose to adopt names from their favorite songs. 

If you’re still not entirely convinced, however, it’s best to move on to the next step—relying a little bit more on creativity. 

Step 3: Rely on creativity 

If you truly wish to name your plushie in the most creative way, it’s best to dwell in your fantasy and imagination. This allows you to create a feeling of ownership and relationship with the plushie, so make sure to indulge. Pour through your favorite films and books, and try to come up with words derived from certain vowels, sounds, and other things that resonate with you.

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Investing In Pieces That Last

Stuffed toys have been around for decades, and for good reason—they serve as the perfect companion through bad times, protectors against the dark, and a cuddly friend. It’s never too late to invest in one, especially since you can name it however you wish. Remember to keep this guide in mind!

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