Our Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Your Baby’s Wooden Toys

With the global shift to more environmentally-friendly alternatives in various sectors of society and the presented health risks of plastic, Switching to wooden teethers and toys seems like the best choice to make both for the environment and your little one.

The benefits of opting for wooden teethers and toys for your baby are endless! They may be a bit different from the traditional toys you’ve played with when you were little, but they serve just as much of a critical role in encouraging imaginative play—without the expense of the environment.

Taking Care of Your Baby’s Wooden Toys

However, since wooden rattles are made of a natural material and not plastic, you may find it challenging to figure out how to wash them. Unlike plastic that could be washed with water and wiped down to dry, wooden materials can react negatively to water.

If you have wooden furniture, you may have already witnessed the effects of water. When a wooden piece becomes damp for too long, it could rot! No one wants a rotting baby lovey toy, would they?

The good thing about wood is that they contain antimicrobial properties so that bacteria won’t stick on your baby’s toys as easily as with plastic, rubber, or other materials. Giving your baby’s wooden toys a bit of cleaning every few weeks is already enough to ensure safe and healthy playtime!

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep wooden toys in tip-top shape:

Wipe, Don’t Wash

You don’t have to wash it with water for daily maintenance and cleaning—a slightly damp cloth or sponge is enough to remove dirt or dust. Don’t forget to let the toy air dry to get rid of any moisture. If you want extra antibacterial action than a damp cloth, use a vinegar and water solution.

Color transfer while wiping off dirt and dust from the wooden toy isn’t something to be alarmed about, as it’s a natural by-product of the wood and should lessen over time.

Never Soak the Toys

If there’s one thing you should remember to not do to wooden teethers and other baby toys, it’s that you should avoid soaking them in water. Unlike other materials, wood is very porous, so its shape can warp and change and even get damaged when exposed to too much moisture.

Moreover, if the toy becomes too wet and fails to dry completely, germs and bacteria may grow and cause harm to your baby’s health.

Moisturize With Oil

Wooden rattles and other wooden toys may be highly durable, but they can still look quite old and worn over time. Make your baby’s wooden toys look good as new by wiping them down with a bit of food-grade oil such as coconut oil or olive oil using a washcloth or rag.

To restore shine, replace the oil with a 50-50 mixture of beeswax and oil. After letting it soak in, wipe the excess off and let it dry.


Cleaning and caring for wooden toys may be different than what you’re used to, but it’s not complicated at all! With just these three tips, your little one can safely play and enjoy their days with their favorite wooden toys. Make sure to purchase their wooden teethers from a trusted seller so that your baby toys will last for a long time!

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