Playing Sustainably: Making the Move to Eco-Friendly Toys

Wherever we turn to look, we see plastic in almost everything. There is no industry that uses plastic more than the baby industry. Taking care of a baby is difficult, and much as we try to deny it, plastic baby products are convenient and readily available. Even the most eco-friendly parents may still end up using plastic in some way shape or form. 

It is understandable that it may sometimes be unavoidable to use plastic, however, the environment will suffer if we do not try and lessen the use of these unsustainable materials. The effort to have less plastic in your home may start in avoiding buying plastic toys for your babies and children.

Playing Sustainably: Making the Move to Eco-Friendly Toys

Everyone is joining the movement to go green and contribute less to the carbon footprint on our planet. This includes parents who want to invest in more sustainable and safer toys for their children. Here is everything you will need to know about eco-friendly toys.

Why Should We Buy Eco-Friendly Toys?

Aside from the fact that plastic toys are bad for Mother Nature in general, there are some of these toys that may not be safe for children to play with. Many plastic toys may contain harmful materials that may somehow find their way into the system of children who play with them. Buying eco-friendly toys as an alternative will be a safer and more environmentally sound option.

Types of Nature-Friendly Toys

1 - Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys

People think that wood may not be a sustainable material to be used for toys. However, as long as the wood was sourced from trees that grow quickly, such as maple and birch, the wood is considered eco-friendly. However, if the toys are made out of trees that take longer to grow, like oak, these toys will be considered bad for the environment and should not be patronized.

2 - Toys That Are Made of Natural Rubber

Naturally-occurring rubber is safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic. These considerations are important when it comes to toys that may potentially go into your baby’s mouth. 

3 - Organic Wool and Cotton Toys

Toys that are made from organic wool and cotton are great for children because they are made from natural materials that did not use any harsh chemicals in their production. The safety aspect for your children is another reason why you should consider buying these organic cotton toys for your little ones.


Plastic toys may be cheaper and easier to come by, but investing in high-quality toys that are made from sustainable materials will still be a much better option. The prices for these toys may be marginally higher, but their advantages will outweigh their disadvantages by a long shot. You will have peace of mind knowing that no harmful chemicals and materials were used in making these toys. If you are looking for toys that will put a smile on your child’s face as well as be much safer for them, consider buying eco-friendly toys. 

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