Reasons to Give Your Baby a Teether for a Comfortable Experience

When dealing with your child’s first baby tooth, it is a time in their lives worth paying attention to due to the excitement and uncertainty the moment can offer. Unfortunately, while it is a significant part of a baby’s life, it can also bring discomfort and pain to your child. 

You will know when your baby is starting to grow their first tooth if they become restless more often, aren’t as hungry as usual, experience red sore gums, and come down with a fever. The most obvious indicator of your child’s teething involves the habit of biting more often than before! A few ways to help ease their situation are using a teething gel and a teether. 

Keep reading below to find out why a baby teether is the answer to handling a growing child.

Teethers Can Provide Temporary Pain Relief

Some babies tend to undergo extreme pain and soreness during the slow growth of their baby teeth. As their instincts start to take over, they will begin to suck, bite, and chew everything within an arm’s reach. 

Thankfully, with the invention of teethers, they serve to make the process of teething manageable and more comfortable for your child. Every time they grab a teether and chew on them, the pressure it places on their gums makes the discomfort they feel more tolerable.

Besides managing baby teeth, the device is also used to calm down a hungry baby. While you’re busy preparing your child’s food, you can hand them a teether to keep them from getting bored, impatient, and ending up crying. 

Teethers Come in Various Kinds to Choose From 

One unique factor about choosing a teether is it comes in various types and designs, leaving you to select from materials like wood, plastic, and rubber. It offers multiple color options, shapes, and sizes, perfect for your growing baby. 

If you want to hand your child a teether that offers soothing benefits for any teething issues they have, you can opt to pop the teether into a fridge for a few minutes. It’s one way of chilling the teether to provide a cooling effect and keep pain at bay while your baby chews on the teether.

Make sure not to leave the teether in the refrigerator overnight or for several hours longer than intended because it can end up impacting your child’s fragile gums. The best thing to do is select a teether that your baby won’t have a challenging time learning how to use. Of course, the best route is to still consult your child’s doctor for the best way to move forward. 

Teethers Prioritize Your Baby’s Well-Being

You must always think about the safety of your child, even when you decide to purchase seemingly harmless baby toys for your child to use as they grow older. The same goes for buying teethers—you must focus more on how well it’s made and less on how much it costs. 

Other than that, the size of the baby teether also matters because getting one that’s too big or too small might not be the best idea for your child to bite on profusely. Read the label before purchasing the teether and avoid toys with BPA, lead, heavy metals, cadmium, and other indications that it isn’t safe for your baby to put into their mouth. 


When you come to the point in your baby’s life where they begin to grow their teeth, it’s integral to be there for them every step of the way, especially when they start to experience pain. One way to alleviate their discomfort is by getting a teether they can chew on as they please. A baby teether helps provide temporary relief, comes in various kinds, and prioritizes your baby’s well-being. If you’re interested in buying plenty of teethers not only for you but for your parent friends as well, it will help to get wholesale baby gifts for everyone to enjoy.  

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